How To:Root T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy s2

For those of you who want to root T-Mobile Galaxy S2, the SGH-T989 model, here’s a simple method to root your Galaxy S2, it’s very safe and works on all versions.

Step 1. You will need a micro SD card, insert into your T-Mobile Galaxy S2.

Step 2. Connect your T-Mobile Galaxy S2 to your computer via micro USB cable and set it as disk drive mode.

Step 3. Download, unzip(uncompress) the zip file, then copy over the to your micro SD card (not internal storage).


Step 4. Take the back cover off then pull the battery out and put it back in.  Then while holding down Volume Up and Volume Down buttons together, plug in the micro USB cable to your computer.

Step 5. You should get the following warning message, let go of the buttons.

Step 6. Hit Volume Up button and you should be in Download mode.

Step 7. Go back to your computer and run odin3 v1.85.exe.

Step 8. You should get a yellow highlighted box with a COM number.  If you don’t, you need to install Samsung Kies software, which installs the drivers for you. (Download Samsung Kies here)

Step 9. Next click on “PDA”.

Step 10. Select “recovery-cwm-hercules.tar” and hit OK.

Step 11. Your phone should install the recovery and reboot by itself.

Step 12. Once your phone reboots, take the battery out again and put it back in.  Then hold down Volume Up and Volume Down buttons.  Then hit the Power button for 2 seconds.

Step 13. Once in CWM Recovery, choose “install zip from sdcard” using Volume buttons then hit the Power button.

Step 14. Choose “choose zip from sdcard”.

Step 15. Choose “Yes”.

Step 16. Don’t worry if you get any errors.

Step 17. Reboot by selecting “reboot system now”.

Step 18. Once your phone reboots, verify you have Superuser app.  If so, you are rooted, go pat yourself on the back and celebrate by having a tri-tip BBQ.

Step 19. You can verify you have full root by opening up a root app such as Titanium Backup app (available free on the Market) and you should get a “Superuser Request”.


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